Double H Ranch Saddle Shop

Double H Ranch
Saddle Shop

3704 N.County Rd. 19
Fort Collins, CO 80524

Tapaderos & Tapaderas


Smooth or Rough-out Leather Tapaderas

Tapaderas are up to 22" and are made from two pieces of leather. They are ready to handle the roughest conditions.

Lots of foot room for boots and lace-ups, leather tread on 2 ½" galvanized stirrups included.

  • Tapaderos & Tapaderas Options:
  • Smooth Leather
  • Rough Out Leather
  • Eagle Bill and Bull Dog Styles optional
  • Stamping and Custom Design are an additional cost.
  • Please call for Prices
Bulldog Tapaperas Eagle bills Tapaperas
Bulldog Tapaderos Eagle Bill Tapaderas
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