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Fitting the Horse

Fitting the Horse is a very important step when choosing a saddle. Please print this page from and follow our templates to figure out the measurements and best fit for your horse. If you have any questions please Contact Us and you will hear back from us promptly regarding your question.

Horse Fit Diagram Horse Fit Diagram
  • TOP LINE A-E: Start at A, even with the back point of shoulder blade, running down spine 19" to E. Transfer to paper.
  • FRONT BAR B: Find center of Flexietemp / wire, drape over spine 1 ½" back from point A., This is point B.
  • Remember you want to shape template 8-9" below spine to rib cage on both sides. Carefully remove and transfer to paper.
  • CENTER BAR C: Move back 8" from B, This is point C and repeat B.
  • BACK BAR D: Move back 8" from C, This is point D and repeat B

You now should have 4 paper templates. These can done on cardboard and used to check Future saddles for fit by turning saddle over sliding them into place. Photographs of the animals sides and back are also very helpful. Remember animal should be standing square on level ground.

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