Double H Ranch Saddle Shop

Double H Ranch
Saddle Shop

3704 N.County Rd. 19
Fort Collins, CO 80524

Homestead Tree Style

The Homestead Tree is designed for pleasure riders and ranch use.

Homestead Tree Saddle Style

Dimensions are 10" side to side. Well suited for pleasure riding and all around ranch use. Also has become a popular versatile ranch horse saddle.

The tree combined with the cable rigging eliminates bulk under the leg and seat. The rigging is designed to pull more uniformly from the front and rear which stops the popping up of the back of the saddle and it's position can be adjusted by a ¼" lock collar. This allows you greater security in the saddle and more comfort on the horse.

The cable is one piece cast into the tree and it remains flexible so as to conform to the horse better. The strength of the cable is over twelve tons.

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