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Roper Tree Style

Roper Tree Saddle Style

Available in different horn options. Swell width is 11". Well suited for ranch versality, arena roping and pleasure riding.

The roper tree style is a sturdier saddle tree and horn distinguish a roping saddle from its cousin saddles. It's proffered aim entails ensuring maximum movement for the rider. He'll be able to rope a cow with maximum motion from side to side and front to back.

Elements that distinguish a roping saddle are the low fork, lengthy horn, deep seat, low cantle, forward stirrups, and a very sturdy wood saddle tree.

Without an excellent roping saddle, the cow roper will feel less than perfect on his horse. The rider has to jolt, dip, and lean backward and forward, and make tons of shaky movements. The saddle shouldn't get in the way of this.

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