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Wade Tree Style

Wade Tree Style

A Wade tree saddle is a slick fork buckaroo style that is specifically built to be a working saddle. It's designed for handling livestock and for maximum comfort during long, strenuous hours in the saddle.

Wade saddles have been popular with working cowboys in the Rocky Mountain region for some time. But recently they have exploded as the hot saddle in western riding. Wade trees just make darn good using saddles. To ride one is to fall in love with one. They make you a better rider. You don't have much choice but to ride in the correct riding position.

  • Benefits of the Wade Saddle Tree
  • While sitting low it should still provide good wither clearance and still remaining close at the base of the horn to minimize undue leverage and pressure while roping.
  • The bars of the tree have more surface area in contact with the horse's back than most other western trees, providing better weight distribution.
  • Deep seat designed for comfort and security for long hours in the saddle.
  • Stirrups are hung directly under the rider, placing the rider in the optimal balanced riding position.
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