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Bob Wattus Saddle Trees

521 Tullymorgan Road
Ashby via Maclean
NSW 2463 Australia
Phone 02-6645-3237

Bob Wattus Saddle Trees

Bob Wattus Saddle Trees are individually made from seven separate parts that are reinforced with carbon fibre. Carbon composite trees are extremely strong and resistant to moisture.

Bob grew up on a small farm in the Hunter Valley, and has a lifetime of involvement with horses. At the age of 15 he joined the Royal Australian Navy in which he served for 8 years. Robyn was born and bred in Tamworth and she and Bob were married in 1977. In 1981 they shifted to Maclean, northern NSW where they still live, and make their saddle trees. They have 2 girls who both grew up in the area. In 1981 Bob became interested in making his own saddles. His first saddle was made using a chopping board, one of Robyn's kitchen knives; with the leather spread out on the lounge room floor!

After a time, he discovered his real interest lay in making saddle trees. In 1996 he completed a saddle tree school, and 10 years later, Bob is busier than ever making saddle trees. Originally, the trees were made of wood and raw hide, but as the timber became scarce, Bob kept up with the latest developments, and in 2002 changed to the use of synthetic carbon composite materials, which produces a finer and lighter tree.

Robyn, Bob, Stan and Jeff Wattus Saddle Trees
Robyn, Bob, Stan Cormick and Jeff Ellis Wattus Saddle Tree

Bob Wattus Saddle Trees are Optional for Double H Ranch Saddle Shop Saddles

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