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Double H Ranch Saddle Shop has a large variety of tack for any horse back rider. Whether your preference is a Bosal, slobber straps, Macate Reins and a bit or a leather headstall, curb strap and leather reins, we carry them all. We also sell cinches, stirrups, breast collars and Martingales separate from saddles. Hobbles, whips and quirts are also in our tack section.

Saddle with Martingale and Hobble

How to tie the Snaffle Bit Macate
  • How to tie the Snaffle Bit "Macate"
  • You will need a rope 18 to 22 feet long with a turkshead knot tied in one end, and a set of slobber leathers to finish it off.
  • Start on the off side slobber leather. Draw the entire length of rein through hole, leaving about 10" of rope to knot on the outside of leather.
  • Take knot under the leather, around and over, and put knot back under itself on the outside of leather, pull slack out through hole.
  • Then push edge end through the near leather from inside out, adjust rein to length.
  • Then draw end under leather and over from back and under itself on the outside of leather this is the get down rope.

Mecate reins are normally used with slobber straps and bits with a 3" ring, you also need room for the headstall and slobber straps. The slobber straps protect the mecate and help provide a quick release feeling for training.

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